We travelled from far and wide to the Domaine.  Just outside Ambillou in le vallee de la Loire, La Trigaliere would be the site of one of the most beautiful weekend’s in memory.  Two of the best, Loulou and Guillaume, were to be joined on Saturday June 7th.  We were there to bear witness, to smile, to laugh until our cheek’s hurt, to make merry and dance until dawn.  We answered the call with gusto.  

For over a year we had counted down, discussed in detail, weighed our expectations on this reunion.  Finally it was here.  At last we were all in one place, even if just for two days.  What follow are snapshots of some of the loves of my life and the lost weekend.  

I wish I had taken more photos, that I had been able to press pause, replay, rewind.  I wish we all lived in one place.  I wish for a thousand more weekends like this one.   But, in the mean time, I remind myself of how lucky we were to have had this time, that we have eachother and who knows… perhaps the best is yet to come. 

Saturday the 7th came and Loulou was calm.  She was to marry her cat.  All was right with the world.  

The morning passed in the blink of an eye, in a flurry of flowers crowns, pain au chocolat, hairspray and pearls, eight girls got a’ready.  Not even the most minor hiccup (we had been forgotten and were stranded) would dampen the day.

 Breaking my ‘no ugly crying’ promise, I was a goner the minute we entered the church.  Vows exchanged, kisses too, rose petals flung and cheers sung - Ambillou had never seen such a parade!

Back at the Domaine it was time to eat, drink and be merry.  We did this. For many hours in fact.  The sun rise our only curfew.  

"Hair of the dog for 80 please barkeep"

We nursed our heads on grassy knolls, regaling each other with tales of debauchery from the night past.  Too happy to acknowledge the limited time left we lived each precious moment to the fullest.  Time stretched it seemed to give us this beautiful day.  The final one.   

Best Sunday.  Best weekend.  Best memories.  

Here’s to Mr and Mrs Lechat!


More recently I had the pleasure of shooting Sydney band YOKE for their upcoming EP launch.  Battling barbed wire but finishing with dumplings we had f.u.n.   Listen to their fine tuneage here.  


Months and months ago I shot the oh so talented and oh so beautiful, Alexandra Ward, aka Moon Holiday, for the awesome World’s Only Magazine.  The planned three hour shoot quickly became six as we played in Redfern.  Above are some of the outakes that didn’t make it on the website.  

My friend Meg, the Editor in Chief of WO (pictured with basket above), is a serious force to be reckoned with. Having begun the magazine, solo and self funded just two years ago, it is now stocked at the MCA and the Serpentine Gallery in London, among others.  Her hard work and vision have landed her government grants and in just over a month a residency in New York.  Miss Clune and her zine are going far and I feel honoured to have been asked to contribute.

Stay tuned for Issue V which will include a photo shoot of Rainbow Chan par moi! 

Hot Mess in The Tropics

Port Douglas, Queensland

#thattimeIdidn’trememberfilmwasnmycameraandopenedit #lightleaks #forrealsies 

In the blink of an eye it is the middle of March already.  Summer disappearing, the days getting shorter, we sleep with blankets at the ready.  Magnificent balmy days still lie in wait.  Just when we have changed the covers completely and unpacked the winter wardrobe… hello again Mr 35 Degrees Celcius!  

Despite the freak-uency of this freak weather, astonishingly people still deny our climate is changing and changing fast.  Instead we continue to pollute, plunder and rape our land without any real or serious plan for a sustainable future.  

The effects of climate change are staggeringly obvious in Tropical North Queensland, where I recently had the pleasure of escaping to for a few days.  There, we battled gale force winds, serious thunder, rain pelting sheets to set sail for The Low Isles and it’s supposedly magnificent reef.  Always a water baby I was first in, last out, of the deep blue as I desperately tried to catch a glimpse of the famous turtles common to this sacred spot.  Unfortunately after a brief appearance of one BFG they were nowhere to be seen.  The reef too, once magnificent colours, now muted due to coral bleaching and rising sea temperatures.  Though still incredibly beautiful and teeming with life I couldn’t help but wonder how long this little haven will last.  Flagrantly disregarding the reports of scientists, The Australian Government has approved a coal dredging project that could see the Great Barrier Reef in serious danger, with some forecasts estimating that a third of the reef will be lost within a generation.  That my children may not be able to witness this extraordinary marine world, that we are endangering an entire ecosystem is just criminal and beggars belief.  

To register your protest visit


A new year.  A new start.  An opportunity to begin again.  To accomplish more than the year that past.  To right those wrongs.  To be braver.  To try harder and harder to be the best version of yourself.  

With January already slipping away, the new year no longer so new, I remember this time one month ago when two people said they do, forever.  With that declaration, that promise - a new world. A new order. A new life together.  Gosh darn if that’s not pretty darn spesh what is? I count myself lucky I was there to bear witness to and photograph the auspicious occasion.  

Happy One Month Anniversary Mr & Mrs Burns. 


For the first time in years I am spending Christmas at home.  Supposedly the middle of summer, but a decidedly grey, cold and rainy morning I was going through photos of Christmases past and stumbled upon these taken in December 2011 in London and Paris.

There is a real sense of Christmas in these cold climes.  Trimmings, mulled wine, ice-skating and mince pies; these are the cities carols are written about.  

But we do our best down here to translate White Christmas to Bright Christmas.  Seafood lunches, barbies on the beach - the true meaning of the season exists despite the sweat patches. For me that is sharing the day with my small family and thinking how lucky I am to have them by my side this year.